Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Confederacy of Dunces

There's another Republican presidential debate on TV tonight.....but I don't think I can make it through another one. I watched the first one all the way through, hoping to expand my horizons and see at least one guy who appealed to me. Ultimately, I could not. None of those ten old white guys left me thinking "Wow, that one might make a decent president."

You've got John McCain at his uber-pandering worst, though I guess I appreciate the occasional comments against lobbyist influence in Congress, which seems to be the only position left over from his glory days that hasn't been dumbed down or compromised. I feel nothing but pity for Giuliani as he awkwardly stutters though the abortion questions he's inevitably asked all the time. Poor moderate sap.

Tommy Thompson, the former governor of Wisconsin, says interesting things about Iraq. His plan is to divide up the country into about twenty smaller states and allow them each to elect officials. Not sure if it will work, but at least it's something concrete. Of course, then he had to go and say he's okay with people firing employees just cause they're gay. And then claim that he misheard the question cause his hearing aid malfunctioned. Right...and if you believe that, I have some yellow cake to sell you in Africa.

Tom Tancredo is a whiny little hatemonger, and Ron Paul is hardcore libertarian...good for him, but I don't really subscribe to that. The others are basically filler, except of course Mitt Romney. Check this tidbit out to see what a tool he is.

What a coward. God, that is so annoying!

Couldn't he have said something like "high gas prices" and then led into a discussion of energy ideas if he wanted to keep it positive? Couldn't he have at least been funny about it and said something mundane like "spam e-mails?" I guess not. Man, that's annoying. Honestly, being a Mormon is the least of his problems. Take out that second "m" and you get a better description of him.

I'm trying to be more open-minded.
Why must you all make it so difficult?


Powerdude247 said...

It's hard to be open minded with people who have no minds.


Mark said...
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Mark said...

I seen the presidential candidates... NOT IMPRESSED!