Monday, September 8, 2014

Things to Come

I haven't written much on here lately, but that doesn't mean I'm out of ideas...not by a long shot. I figured I would put up a brief little housekeeping note to give my readers (if I have any) an idea of what I'll have up here in the next few months.

The Tales From the Crypt series is on hiatus for now. I was having fun with it and I do intend to write more, but I'm just taking a break and focusing on watching other stuff when I have free time. When you got two little kids running around, you've got to make tough choices about your time. First world problems, you know?

I've had a feature about South Park I've wanted to write for a while when the time was right. Well, with a new season imminent, that time has come. Expect that first and then maybe a few more entries in the Nostalgia Series. One for a movie, one for an anime and one for a cartoon that's been very prominent on this blog.

There is also a much bigger undertaking I've taken on...something all film critics do at one point or another. It's just a question of when you feel qualified to do so. I first thought about doing it in late 2013 but realized I would need a lot of time to prepare. What kind of preparation? All will become clear in time. Maybe a lot of time. I think it's probably best to wait for this one until after the Oscars, which are coming soon!

Keep checking in, there will be more stuff before you know it!

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