Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally Fixed the Blog

Holy crap, I finally figured out what was wrong with this thing. I stopped writing for months because this annoying pop-up window kept coming up and asking for a password. I didn't want to be responsible for any of my readers getting a virus, so I basically let the blog die.

However, I realized that the source of the disturbance was one of the images I had hosted in my annual Oscar predictions entry. That entry's been deleted...if you really want to read it, I can put up a picture-free version, but given that a new Oscar season is in full swing now, it's not very relevant anymore.

I missed so many months, I didn't even get to comment on the election. (I got drunk and boisterous, it was fun). My usual features will be back soon though, aiming to have the Top 10 up around January 20 or so. Then of course we'll have Oscar analysis and whatever else I can think of. Check back here every so often if you're so inclined and there will indeed be new content.

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